22 March 2012

Orangutan Prostitution: Another Reason to Avoid Palm Oil

We all know that palm oil is leading to the death and extinction of Orangutans through deforestation, but did you know that while Orangutan’s are seen as pests to palm oil farmers, they are beaten, buried alive, killed, infants shipped around the world and sold as pets and their mothers if not murdered are taken to brothels and used as sex slaves.
The story of Pony, the Orangutan prostitute, has been circling the internet thanks to animal advocates. Please share her story and urge others to help by signing the following petitions. Thank you.
Pony’s Story:
Pony, once a free animal was tied up in a brothel, shaved to be more “appealing” and used as a sex slave. For years animal advocates tried to free her but as such a huge money maker in the village her captives would threaten her rescuers with poison-tipped spears and other weapons. It took years of donations to pay the police to go to the brothel with guns in order to free her.
"There is no way that something as beautiful and innocent as an orangutan, could ever have evolved into man." ~ Lone Droscher-Neilsen

15 March 2012

A Very Vegan Easter

Since Easter is approaching I have put together a handy list for those of you celebrating! All of these treats can be found in Tasmania, I have not included any chocolates that have to be specially purchased online. The first number of chocolates are especially for Easter, though I have also included other non-dairy chocolates that you can buy too, in case chocolate rabbits and eggs aren’t appealing!

Lindt Bunny Dark Chocolate Gold 100g


Lindt Dark Chocolate Gold Bunny

(Found most anywhere)




Sweet William Easter Bunnies 10 pack 130g


Sweet William Easter Bunnies

(Available in Coles)




Macro Gift Lactose Free Standing Rabbit


Macro Lactose Free Rabbit

(Available in Woolworths)




Macro Lactose Free  Gift Casket


Macro Dark Chocolate Easter Egg & Sweets

(Available in Woolworths)




Fresh Baked Hot Cross Buns Mini 9 pack


Hot Cross Buns

(Found anywhere, make sure to check they’re vegan!)





Kinnerton Luxury Dark Chocolate

(Available in Big W, K-Mart, Target and Myer)




Coles Finest Block Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa 100g


Coles Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa

Make sure you buy this one and not the other Coles brand Belgian Dark Chocolate which happens to NOT be vegan.

(Available in Coles)


Whittakers Dark Ghana Chocolate Block 72% Cocoa


Whittaker’s Dark Ghana 72% Cocoa Block

(Available in Woolworths)




Leda Chocolate Rum Balls 200g


LEDA Chocolate Rum Balls

(Available in Coles)




Leda Biscuits Choculence Chocolate 180g


LEDA Choculance Biscuits

(Available in Coles)




Sweet William Original Mini Chocolate Bars 15 pack


Sweet William Chocolates

(Available in Coles)




Sweet William Dairy Free Chocolate White Delight 100g


Sweet William White Chocolate Block

(Available in Coles)




Sweet William Chocolate Bar Dairy Free 50g


Sweet William Original Chocolate Bar

(Available in Coles)




Sweet William Chocolate Bar Rice Crackle Bar Dairy Free 50g


Sweet William Rice Crackle Chocolate Bar

(Available in Coles)

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