18 June 2013

Burgerrama Giveaway!

Vegan Tasmania sponsor Otis Beanery has announced their workshop program for July and August.

 Sprouting and microgreens, vegan burgers, non-dairy milks and yoghurts, tempeh making, super soups and vegan cheeses all feature in a series designed to boost your health while having fun in the kitchen. See the full details at: http://www.otisbeanery.com/workshops.html
And yes, there's a giveaway! One free place in the Burgerrama! vegan burger workshop is available to a loyal Vegan Tasmania reader. To enter, please follow these simple steps:

1. Write an email to: info@otisbeanery.com

2. Put 'VT giveaway' in the subject line

3. In the body of the email, write your first name and any suggestions for vegan culinary subjects you would like to see featured in future workshops.

That's it. Good luck! You need to enter by the end of June.

11 June 2013

Cascade Now Vegan

Recently I heard some exciting rumours that Cascade Brewery had finally ditched its old processes and refinements and was now vegan… I didn’t want to get ahead of myself so I did a bit of digging and checked with the company and Vegan Tasmania is proud to confirm that Cascade is now vegan!!! Woohoo!

Here’s what the representative I spoke to had to say:

“Carlton United Brewers (including Matilda Bay Brewing Company and Cascade Brewing Company) does not use any animal based processing aids in the production of its beer products.
In the past collagen fining agents have been used to clarify our beers, however we have now developed a process that eliminates this requirement.”

“We do not use animal products in the production of our beer. As the definition of vegan and vegetarian can differ for the individual, we prefer to provide this information for consumers to decide for themselves as to whether this qualifies as vegan or vegetarian friendly.”

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