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For those celebrating, I wish you a very merry Christmas and Jolly Holidays and hope you have a wonderful and cruelty-free Christmas! Please stop by Animals Australia and Pardon a Pig! Just like the Presidential Pardoning of a Turkey for Thanksgiving, you can help the animals by Pardoning a Pig […]

Merry Christmas from Vegan Tasmania

A couple of months ago I came across a post written by Glen Muller, an Ex Factory Farm Worker turned Vegan, on the Animals Australia Unleashed Forums. You can see the post here. We got in contact and started working on a very in-depth interview for Vegan Tasmania. I hope […]

Interview with an Ex Factory Farm Worker

EDIT: Please see the new and improved list featuring ALL Vegan and Palm Oil Free Baker’s Delight products with over 155 listings! See here:  Maybe I’m slow to the mark but I only just realised that Baker’s Delight sell a range of delicious vegan goodies! Yay! I haven’t included their […]

Vegan at Baker’s Delight!

If you’ve never had a Tofu Scramble before, it’s basically the vegan version of scrambled eggs (but actually yummy and healthy). This is a great recipe for breakfast with toast or served with vegan sausages. You can use any vegetables you have on hand for this dish, so if you’ve […]

Tofu Scramble

I made these vegan “chicken” nuggets the other day and they were great! This recipe makes around 20 so you’ll have enough to feed everyone or yourself for a couple of days! I have made these nuggets with 2 layers of bread crumbs and with only 1 layer. I think […]

Vegan Nuggets

  Meet Keeley, AKA Cookie, my little sister and fellow animal lover. At Cookie’s school they have been learning about farm animals and on a very exciting journey, the class was taken to the much loved Brightside Farm Sanctuary. A refuge for animals. Of course I took this opportunity to […]

On the Brightside: Interview with a 6 Year Old

This is such a simple, delicious dish that you can make with practically anything you have on hand! I will tell you my favourite ingredients to include though! I have made it a couple of different ways but there is one that really stands out and is just amazingly yum! […]

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

A new law made by the President of the Republic of France, Nicolas Sarkozy and his government, passed on the 2nd of October, 2011, states that ALL School meals in France MUST contain meat and animal products. Voted in last year, this new order will soon state that all meals […]

Veganism Made Illegal in France

To celebrate World Animal Day today I have a very cool infographic on Veganism for you (click to make bigger). And if you’re already Veg or are just interested, you should take the pledge to go veg for at least a week as part of International Veg Week! On a […]

Happy World Animal Day

At the start of Be Kind to Animals Week, 2011, AnimalFest was held on Parliament Lawns, Hobart, today! It was a great event and not even the weather could bring the festivities down. There was heaps of great information available and things to buy. At events like these, it’s always […]

AnimalFest 2011

Yay! This Saturday, 1st October, 2011 is AACT’s (Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania’s) AnimalFest. Held on Parliament Lawns Hobart from 9am – 3pm, the event is in celebration of all animals! There will be live music, art, activities for the kids and guest speakers, plus vegan food! YUM! Musical guests include: […]

AnimalFest 2011 + Updates

This is my super yummy vegan Spinach and Mushroom Pastry. It’s really easy and only takes around 15-20 minutes to make all up. Notes: I use already chopped frozen spinach portions (about 200g, or half a pack) just to make it easier and quicker. I also use Tofutti brand Better […]

Vegan Spinach and Mushroom Plait