Ban Live Export National Rally

Welcome to Vegan Tasmania! This is the first ever post *cheers*. So far on the website I have devoted pages to a detailed animal derived ingredients list, a vegan friendly restaurant guide to Tasmania and an events page. Check the tabs for more info.

Next Sunday, August 14th, 2011, outside Parliament House, Hobart, a rally against live animal export is being held. If you’re part of the vegan community, I’m sure you are concerned about the suffering caused by the live export trade. The campaign has been strong but so far the government has only backed down on their decision to ban live export.

The event is being held by Animals Australia and the RSPCA. There you will hear a message from Lyn White (Animals Australia investigator), RSPCA Campaigners, politicians and other speakers and a mass petition and letter signing will take place.


Sign the petition at Get Up!
Send a message to your local MP via Animals Australia
Send a message to the Prime Minister
Join the Hobart Rally’s Facebook page
Download the flyer to distribute

Please spread the word about the rally to Ban Live Export and the new Vegan Tasmania website by sharing this post. Thank you.

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