Royal Melbourne Show Shame: Abusing Animals Since 1848

This year the Royal Melbourne Show has it’s usual attractions, rides, showbags and even animal abuse. Putting aside their annual blue ribbon competitions for “livestock”, and their petting zoo. The Melbourne Show also offers up an “educational program” where large crowds of people gather around tiny pens in which pregnant Sheep, Goats and Llamas are forced to  give birth as part of their Birthing Centre, clearly with no mind to the animals wellbeing.

While there so far is no “proof” of induced labour it is very clear that due to statements like this – “The Birthing Centre will have various animals give birth at the Show this year, including sheep, goats and llamas.” – Royal Melbourne Show website 2011 These births are planned events. These animals are forced (whether induced or not) to give birth in front of large screaming audiences of people.

“Come, listen and learn what a farmer does in the newly created education hub. Learn about the parts of an animal, talk to a farmer and learn what happens on a farm.” – Royal Melbourne Show website 2011 – I’m sure these farmer’s will be telling the G rated version of what happens on a farm. No truths about slaughterhouses and forced pregnancies to keep a dairy cow giving milk while her babe is ripped away either to become an unhealthy, abused and afraid dairy cow like her mother or to be made into veal at the slaughterhouse.


The Royal Melbourne Show runs from the 24th of September to the 4th of October, 2011. Please sign the petition to stop this abuse here.

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