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images (1)Just a couple of quick updates on the blog today!

I have just updated the restaurants section thanks to a lovely reader who let me know about a wonderful restaurant in Swansea called The Ugly Duck Out, who are happy to cater for any dietary requirements. Of course that meant I had to add a Swansea section too, which is wonderful! Thank you, Mark!

Unfortunately, I have had to remove some restaurants which no longer exist too. This now means there are no longer any restaurants listed with a V, meaning vegan, all restaurants in Tassie that I know of are now only VF (vegan friendly), so please write in to contact@vegantasmania.com if you know of any restaurants that aren’t in the list that should be! My absolute favourite restaurant ever, Thai Veggie Hutt has closed it’s two stores in Hobart just recently! I bid you a very sad and hungry farewell!

At the moment I am working hard on getting up an Alcohols page so that you can check in here whenever you need to find out what brands are and are not vegan! It will also have information on which beers/wines etc. from certain companies are vegan and which are not. Like the others it will be an alphabetically anchored list so all you need to do is click on the section you want! How easy is that!?

I have also just added a new button to the sidebar so that you can find me over at Animals Australia’s Unleashed website. It’s a great social networking site for all lovers of animals. So come and join in the fun and add me as a friend!

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