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Maybe I’m slow to the mark but I only just realised that Baker’s Delight sell a range of delicious vegan goodies! Yay! I haven’t included their huge range of vegan bread loaves but you can easily look up what is and isn’t vegan on their site Unfortunately you can’t just look up all the vegan food they sell so I’ve compiled a simple Vegan Baker’s Delight list for you! The Savoury list is small because I haven’t included the loaves but the sweet list is definitely going to amaze!


  • Herb and Garlic Focaccia
  • Sweet Chilli, Mustard and Sesame Seed Rodini
  • Wholemeal Pizza Base


  • Apple and Cinnamon Scroll
  • Berry Mini Scroll
  • Jam Filled Bunlet
  • Fruit Bun
  • Iced Fruit Bun
  • Boston Bun
  • Mini Boston Bun
  • Apple Scroll
  • Jam Scroll
  • Coffee Scroll
  • Apple and Walnut Scroll
  • Cinnamon Log
  • Jam Log
  • Apple Log
  • Apple and Walnut Log
  • Apple and Almond Log
  • Apple Ring
  • Apple and Walnut Ring
  • Apple and Apricot Ring
  • Cinnamon Mini Scroll
  • Jam Mini Scroll
  • Traditional Hot Cross Bun
  • Fruitless Hot Cross Bun
  • Apricot Delight Log
  • Apricot Delight Scroll
  • Coffee and Date Log
  • Coffee and Date Roll
  • Authentic Sourdough Hot Cross Bun
  • Coconut Finger Bun
  • Cinnamon Finger Bun
  • Plain Finger Bun

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