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Go the Pink Dog is a campaign by the McGrath Foundation and TasRacing, Greyhound Racing Victoria and Sky Racing. Each race the pink Greyhound (Number 8) wins TasRacing and Greyhound Racing Victoria will donate $500 to the McGrath foundation.


This isn’t your average campaign with a company giving to charity. This is not only giving to the McGrath foundation but also giving a huge boost to the Greyhound Racing Industry. In the past the McGrath foundation has been connected with other companies that support animal cruelty such as Ingham and Mars.

This case however in particular makes me sick. Not only is it blatant animal cruelty but it is also highly hypocritical of a foundation that claims to “Make a Difference”. This campaign supports the gambling industry and worst of all it supports the death and suffering of countless greyhounds.

In Australia around 25, 000 Greyhounds are bred each year. Only about half of these dogs reach the age to start training. The other half of these beautiful puppies are routinely killed. Many of the training dogs will not make the cut, also resulting in being murdered for not being quick enough. Like other medium sized dogs the lifespan of a greyhound should be around 12 years. The dogs however (if they don’t die on the track) will finish their racing careers by the age of 2 – 4. Many of these pups will not be fast enough or will be injured during a race or training, again they are killed. At least one Greyhound will die due to injuries caused on a track in Australia, every single day. Around 1000 Australian Greyhounds are exported to Asia each year, for racing and later for human consumption.

The Greyhound Industry in Australia is all about making money, and thus the 20,000 Greyhounds routinely killed each year are murdered in various horrific ways because they are cheaper. Beating, drowning and shooting are just some of the ways in which a greyhound will be killed. They are then used as an ingredient of blood and bone. Greyhounds, if not killed by the industry will then go on to be breeders themselves or put in Universities and Laboratories around Australia for “research”.

For info on how you can help stop Greyhound Racing for good please go to Greyhound Action.

At this point in the campaign emailing the McGrath Foundation doesn’t seem to be going well. You can however write to them here.

Or send a letter of concern to PO Box 4, Northbridge, NSW 2063.

Their business address is Level 1, 115 Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge, NSW 2063.

Please phone the McGrath Foundation (02) 8962 6100 or Fax (02) 9958 0140

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6 thoughts on “Stop the Pink Dog

  • Bootsie

    I agree completely. And what's worse is that so many of us spent so much time explaining in great detail the animal welfare abuses inherent in this cruel industry. But they don't care. Breast cancer runs in my family, but I want nothing to do with this corrupt organisation, who will probably make far less money out of this partnership than Greyhound Racing Victoria will. Makes you wonder what the personal links are behind the scenes.

  • Anonymous

    It is so great to know that there are more people out there that not only anti-greyhound racing but also demanding the McGrath Foundation from running their campaign. McGrath Foundation should tell the truth and rename their campaign "Lets help kill the pink dog" because that is what they are doing by aligning themselves with a mass killing machine, the greyhound racing industry. Thank you for posting this on your website and spreading the truth!!!!!
    Kris Farley, Qld