Why You Should Follow Me on Pinterest!

Vegan Tasmania has joined Pinterest! If you’re a user I’d love to follow just leave a comment! And of course please feel free to follow me back www.pinterest.com/VeganTasmania. If you haven’t set yourself up an account over there yet and would like to leave a comment asking for an invite. I’ll send you one and get it to you much faster than if you request an invitation from Pinterest, there’s a waiting list.

Ok so here are the reasons you should follow:

I pin super cuteness:

Lamb. How can people eat that?So cute.I love animals.

I also pin yummy recipes:

Vegan Nuggets! Recipe by www.VeganTasmania.com

Vegan Lemon Cheesecake! Recipe by www.VeganTasmania.com

And awesome fashion and products:

Ladies Go Vegan Porky Pig shirt

I also have a surprising list of Vegan stars:

James Cromwell

Portia De Rossi

Larry Hagman as Tony Nelson

There are so many more reasons too so you’ll just have to come over to see but for now I’ll leave you with some funny pins to enjoy:

say cheese~~~~



Happiness is a Warm Butt

One last message brought to you by Doris Day:

I love Doris Day.


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