Ten’s The Project Interviews Biased Dietician about Raising Vegan Children 1

Last night, 22nd May 2012, I saw a segment on Channel Ten’s, The Project, where they discussed Ruby Roth’s “controversial” new children’s book, Vegan is Love and the raising of vegan children. They went on to interview dietician, Susie Burrell who provided an extremely biased review and made out that veganism is dangerous. The Project stated that mixing politics and food wasn’t a good idea, highly hypocritical in light of the fact that the dietician they chose to interview for the segment is actually a writer for the magazine Vital which is published by none other than Meat and Livestock Australia. Of course this conflict of interest wasn’t revealed by The Project but I thank The Vegan Society of NSW for their research into the matter. Please pass this information on.

If you haven’t yet seen the video watch it here and skip to 3:25.

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One thought on “Ten’s The Project Interviews Biased Dietician about Raising Vegan Children

  • Glen

    But Kirsty, of course veganism is dangerous…

    1. The word "veganism" currently shows on my monitor with a red squiggly line underneath it. Obviously it's not endorsed by Microsoft, however "squiggly" is.

    2. If you raise your kids on a vegan diet, there is a more than fair chance that they'll grow up with compassion, tolerance, open-mindedness, and brains. We can't have that… no ma'am.

    Get a grip people. It's ok to feed your kids ground cow hoof jelly and crushed beetle shell cordial, but if you abstain from "food" sourced from plant origins, you're barking mad?

    Rant over.