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Time is running out to stop the super trawler, FV Margiris. The decision about the super trawler will be made in a matter of days. The super trawler is twice the size of any vessel that has ever fished in Australian waters. This trawler will be fishing for small pelagic fish, a species absolutely critical to our marine eco system and with numbers already low in Tasmania this can not be allowed to go ahead. These fish are a vital food source for critically endangered Southern Bluefin Tuna, gamefish, seabirds and marine mammals. Not only would the super trawler be devastating to an already low fish population, super trawlers collect a by-catch consisting of seabirds, seals and dolphins who are then thrown back, dead.

A petition to stop the super trawler was made by Rebecca Hubbard with the Stop the Trawler alliance and has already generated over 35,000 signatures which were scrolled on paper fish and delivered to Joe Ludwig, Minister of Fisheries, in Canberra. In it’s final hours the petition needs more signatures, like yours to press this matter and to ensure that this devastating vessel does not kill in Australian waters.

Please sign the petition here on GetUp!
While your at it sign the Greenpeace petition to Stop the Super Trawler too. Go here.


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3 thoughts on “Stop the Super Trawler

    • Agus

      This is just one horrible explame of what is happening to our ocean resources. The ocean and the creatures in it are a finite resource that this planet depends upon for its survival. Overfishing is further responsible for the collapse of many local cultures that depend upon the sea for their survival. The Somali pirates, for explame, are largely groups of young men who once would have been fishing to survive. Now that the fish are gone they have turned to wretched acts of piracy to survive. Visit the Bahamian people, the South Pacific islands, Indonesia or even Canada and see what has happened to their lives due to over fishing.