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Written by Sarah Pritchard In the wake of Nelson Mandela’s’ death, protesting rights everywhere are being lost. In Tasmania well-founded fears surround the Liberal parties’ proposals concerning anti protesting laws in relation to forestry. If they are successful in next year’s election, they will cause new, stricter laws to come […]

Protesters Lose Under Liberal Government

Please welcome Vegan Tasmania’s newest sponsor, Webafest! Webafest is a local Tasmanian business based in Devonport, providing all the services you need to start or better manage your website. As a content developer, experienced in SEO and working with multiple web companies in Australia I know just how important to […]

New Sponsor: Webafest, Website Development in Tasmania

Please welcome our newest sponsor Red Veg! Red Veg is an Australian Red Cross “Red Club” Group of Vegans and Vegetarians donating blood to those in need. To join all you need to do is register with the Australian Red Cross “Red Club” group Red Veg by clicking here. Then […]

Red Veg

A Win for Factory Farming? by Kate Edwards As of November 26, state legislation will be introduced to widen the regulation surrounding eggs sold in Tasmania. The legislation will require anyone who sells eggs to be licensed producers and to adhere to processes such as egg stamping and a food […]

New Egg Regulations Promote Cruelty

In an open letter to ZooDoo, Natalie Coleman exposes the awful nature of ZooDoo and the animal viewings at the Royal Hobart Show: Letter to Zoodoo:Just wondering who, exactly is looking after the animals at the Royal Hobart Show? Namely, the Emu’s? Because they deserve the sack. They were having […]

ZooDoo at the Royal Hobart Show

Vegan Tasmania now has an events page ^^ Woohoo! Check out the Events tab up there to see Vegan style events in Tasmania. If you’d like an event added to the calendar simply write to or if you events that need listing more often you can request to be […]

Events and Raw Vegan Picnic

Please welcome Vegan Tasmania’s newest volunteer writer! Governments break promises, it’s an undeniable fact. A fact made even the more hard to accept when it means the continual suffering of thousands. Let me rewind. For a long time, I‘ve been thinking on the weight we put on government action, on […]

Action: An Opinion Piece by Kate Edwards

Check out Vegan Tasmania’s amazing new sponsor! All vegan certified cosmetics and skincare products that are pure, safe and beneficial!   Product Information: Advanced proprietary formulations Free from harmful mineral oils, dyes, chemical fragrances and animal by products All products are hypoallergenic and PH correct Clinically proven, visible results in […]

New Sponsor: Vegan Certified Cosmetics, Health & Wellness Products

It has taken me ages to perfect this dessert. I have been playing around with the ratios to make it perfect, as close to the classic Australian YoGo, chocolate yogurt dessert as possible. So here it is my Vegan Yogo, Chocolate Custard recipe: ½ cup caster sugar ⅓ cup cocoa […]

Vegan YoGo, Chocolate Custard Recipe

By Sarah Pritchard Devils@Cradle; Cradle Mountain’s sanctuary for Tasmanian devils and other marsupials, has increased it’s protection of the endangered species. Spending $200,000, the sanctuary now uses infrared cameras, better fences and larger areas for the resident animals. These measures are to protect the Tasmanian devils from a highly contagious […]

Hope for Devils at Cradle Mountain

Written by Sarah Pritchard Two seals have been found dead in the Tasmanian islands. Both of them have been confirmed as shot with a small calibre gun but it is as yet unknown whether the shootings were related. Police are running ballistics on the bullets to discover any links between […]

Endangered Seals Need Protection

Alas! The Tasmanian Government has gone back on its Sow stall ban. Instead Bryan Green, Tasmania’s minister for Primary industries, intends to allow sow’s to stay confined in stalls up to ten days after mating. Without banning them altogether the process is difficult to monitor how long individual pigs are […]

Are Sow Stalls Here to Stay?