A Very Vegan Easter 2013

So I made you guys a vegan Easter list last year too which you can see here but this list has a few add ons and updates, so enjoy! And Happy Easter!

The Sweet Williams range can be found at Coles, Woolworths and Nature’s Works.

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The Macro range can be found in Woolworths

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Lindt chocolate can be found most anywhere

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Eskal’s Noble Choice collection are my fav chocolates ever! Find them at Nature’s Works

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Coles chocolates can be found in Coles

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The Leda range can be found in the health food section of Coles, Woolworths and Nature’s Works

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Kinerton Chocolate can be found at Big W, Kmart, Target and Myer



Whittaker’s can be found most anywhere



Constant Cravings can be found in the Wilderness Society shops

constant craving delights    


Hot Cross Buns, found everywhere. Double check they’re vegan!


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