Wallaby’s Waste to Wuggs 5

A-wallaby-and-joey-001Lenah Game Meats owners. John Kelly and Katrina Kelly, from Rocherlea, process wallaby, hare, possum and venison that sell Tasmania wide. Wallaby meat, as their main “product” leaves them with 20,000 skins a year, which are being sold to a Turkey tannery, churning out high fashion wallaby skin cuffs and collars.The pair are stock piling the animal skins and hope to build the trade to 30,000 – 40,000 skins per year.“We have been in the game for 20 years and selling skins is always the hardest thing to do.” – Mr Kelly.

Calling the wallaby skins the least profitable by-product, the Kelly’s have been working on creating a new type of Ugg boot to sell to the Australian market, coined the Wugg. Trial shipments are due to hit Launceston in the next month.“We are hoping that this will create a market for what has been a bit of a waste product” – John Kelly.

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