Vegan Tasmania is Against the Production of “Wuggs” 2

A-wallaby-and-joey-001_thumb1Vegan Tasmania would sincerely like to apologise for any offence or misunderstanding caused by the article “Wallaby’s Waste to Wuggs” about Game Meat owners John and Katrina Kelly, selling off their skins “a waste product as they called them” to Tannery’s to produce high fashion wallaby skin cuffs and collars and their new “brain-child” called Wuggs, an Ugg boot made from the skins of wallabies. While it was my sole intention to provide this information in a factual way, some readers mistook the article almost as a promotion of sorts. It’s upsetting to even have to set the record straight that Vegan Tasmania is and always will be a Vegan haven and resource for anyone interested in Veganism, Animal Rights, Eating Healthy and anything in between. Vegan Tasmania in no way supports the skinning of animals and is absolutely disgusted by the practice.

In the past Vegan Tasmania has been praised for providing factual and informative articles NOT opinion pieces concerning animal rights news. That was how the article was intended and how it should be read. It provides quotes and factual information including kill and skin numbers to inform the public about the brutal practice and abhorrent new trend coming out of the state. It in NO way promoted the harm of animals or supported the Game Owners in their current career in any way, shape or form.

Once again I would like to reiterate that the story was for news, factual and informative purposes. However, I do sincerely apologise for any misunderstanding and extremely wrong impression that the news article has given a few readers. While I will still strive to create informative articles and not opinion pieces, I will take a closer look in the future at how they may come across, especially in light of the latest article.

Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Tasmania is Against the Production of “Wuggs”

  • Ozzie DoLittle

    Having read the article, I understand why animal rights activists took offense. The author's intent was to post an objective news article, perhaps it was a little too objective.

    Objective writing is good and extremely necessary when dealing with topics of a highly politicized nature; for example, people need a reliable and objective news source to aid them in making informed opinions about certain political parties, especially when they have been bombarded with right and left wing propaganda from media outlets with agendas aligned to either/or parties.

    However, with the "Wuggs" article, it wouldn't have hurt to emote a little, or a lot!

    Using subjective and emotive language is not always a bad thing, especially regarding animal rights. Our fellow earthlings do not have a voice to fight for their own emancipation from injustices, tyranny, slavery and slaughter.

    Therefore, sensationalizing the "Wuggs" story and speaking with passion and compassion on their
    behalf would have made for more than a just and ethical news item in my books.

  • Kirsty Tasmania

    Thanks Ozzie, I think "perhaps it was a little too objective" sums it up perfectly! You're totally right. However, in my defense this is a vegan website, completely dedicated to animal welfare… I assumed it just went without saying.