Calling All Writers: Writers and Wanna-Be Journalists WANTED 1

Calling All Writers and Wanna-Be Journalists, Vegan Tasmania is on the hunt again for some volunteer writers, content production kings and queens and everything in between! If you’re looking for a volunteer from home position, you’re vegan, veg, interested in Tasmanian produce or politics or anything else befitting the Vegan Tasmania niche, then get involved!

After recently hearing from 2 of my much beloved volunteers who are still on board but due to time constraints (holidaying for months on end and completing a Phd while working 2 jobs!! Yikes!) aren’t going to be able to write as often as I’d hoped, we are now on the look-out for some newbie bloggers or anyone willing to lend a hand.

If this sounds like you or you’d like to learn more, please write to

NOTE: This is an unpaid gig but you’ll get a terrific reference from a professional content producer/marketer and writer (me) and you’ll get great writing experience!

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