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It was 2010 when I sat down at my desk, like many others in Tasmania and started writing many hand-written letters and emails pleading for a ban on sow stalls in the state. When I got a reply email stating that the campaign had worked and Tasmania and Coles would […]

Tasmania Bans Sow Stalls and Battery Hens!

For those celebrating, I wish you a very merry Christmas and Jolly Holidays and hope you have a wonderful and cruelty-free Christmas! Please stop by Animals Australia and Pardon a Pig! Just like the Presidential Pardoning of a Turkey for Thanksgiving, you can help the animals by Pardoning a Pig […]

Merry Christmas from Vegan Tasmania

Just a couple of quick updates on the blog today! I have just updated the restaurants section thanks to a lovely reader who let me know about a wonderful restaurant in Swansea called The Ugly Duck Out, who are happy to cater for any dietary requirements. Of course that meant […]


Welcome to Vegan Tasmania! This is the first ever post *cheers*. So far on the website I have devoted pages to a detailed animal derived ingredients list, a vegan friendly restaurant guide to Tasmania and an events page. Check the tabs for more info. Next Sunday, August 14th, 2011, outside […]

Ban Live Export National Rally