Written by Katy RohlFor thousands of years salt production has been a profitable industry. Now, after receiving approval, Alice Laing and Chris Manson are set to begin a new venture of salt flake production in Mayfield Point, Swansea. Although previous attempts have been made on salt production in this area, […]

Tasmania Headed for Salty New Venture

Written by Katy Rohl Lomatia Tasmanica, more commonly known as King’s Holly has been making headlines recently as potentially the worlds oldest plant. Scientists have recently been working relentlessly to attempt to replenish this endangered species and save King’s Holly from extinction. Tasmanian explorer Denny King first uncovered the ancient […]

Botanists Fight to Save Tasmanian Ancient Root

Written by Bexy McFly Move over, Miranda Kerr. Cabbage is the new supermodel. It’s no longer just humans dealing with image issues and feeling as though they’re ‘not good enough’. Less than perfect produce that doesn’t make the cut on Supermarket’s Next Top Model are sent back to the ground […]

“You Can’t Afford Me” Says Hot Potato

Written by Emma Luimes The Labor Party is calling on Australians to have their say about animal testing in the Cosmetics and Animal Testing Policy Consultation. The consultation is a commitment made by the party last year in an effort to phase out the importation, manufacture, sale and advertising of […]

Cosmetics and Animal Testing Policy Consultation: Help to Ban Animal ...

Written by Katy Rohl With climate change becoming ever more prevalent within Australia, the wine industry is steadily falling victim to its diverse effects. With predictions forecasting significant changes to the Australian climate, wine makers are migrating south to seek cooler climates which favour the production of sparkling and pinot […]

Tasmanian Wine Producers Raise a Glass to Climate Change

Written by Bexy McFly What a generous government we have. 3.8 million clams have been granted to Tassal for production of a fish meal plant 4km north-east of Triabunna on the Tasman Highway, and there’s nothing fishy about that. Ok, there totally is. It reeks of fish carcass, as will […]

Fishing for Compliments: Tassal’s Grant for Fish By Product Factory

Written by Jessica Goddard The decision to allow manufacturers to produce hemp seed for human consumption in Australia has been pushed back to January 2015. The Council of Australian Governments’ National Forum on Food Regulation delayed the decision until next year, citing  concerns that producing hemp seed food would send […]

Hemp Seed Food Debate Continues

Written by Emma Luimes The ABC reported last week that Councils around Tasmania are supportive of the prospect of an industrial and medical industry in Tasmania to combat the state’s employment problems, particularly in regional areas, where traditional means of employment such as forestry and mining are declining.  Last month, […]

Hemp Over Milk to Tackle Tasmania’s Youth Unemployment

Written by Katy Rohl In recent months an abundance of Swordfish have been reported by fishermen off Tasmanian shores. As Swordfish are world renowned as being very prestigious fish to catch, game fishermen are steadily arriving to try and lure in these lucrative aquatic giants and ultimately surpass the previously […]

Tourism Tasmania using Swordfish to Reel in Game Fishermen

Written by Grace Elkins The Australian government’s stance on climate change and its continued support of the fossil fuel industry has the international community believing Australia is determined to ‘fight the future’. The government’s intention to scrap the price on carbon makes Australia an unattractive location for investment in renewable […]

The Damaging Consequences of Australia’s Stance on Climate Change

Written by Jessica Goddard The peak wool body of Queensland ‘WoolProducers’ has last week released a National Wild Dog Action Plan which it states “will guide the implementation of a nationally-agreed framework for a strategic and risk-based approach to wild dog management; emphasising humane, safe and effective management techniques and […]

The National Wild Dog Action Plan

Written by Sophie WoodThe Australian Federal Government has set its sights on South Africa. It wants the South African Government to ban Australian citizens from participating in ‘canned’ trophy hunting. Canned hunting is a cruel and barbaric ‘sport’, where hunters pay large sums of money to hunt rare and endangered […]

Government wants South Africa to Ban Australian Canned Trophy Hunters