Written by Gina Fenech The Tasmanian State Government has made a vow to get an industrial hemp industry up and running in Tasmania.  In Tasmania, Cannabis Sativa generally known as Industrial Hemp is being treated as its illegal relative Marijuana.  Industrial Hemp is not grown for its psycho active drug […]

Hemp and Medical Marijuana in Tasmania

Written by Sophie Wood So you thought Tasmanian fish had been spared the super trawler’s nets? It turns out there is a Ukrainian-owned ship heading our way in a matter of weeks. Introducing the 4400 tonne Dominican registered ‘Meridian 1’. Measuring 104 metres long, it is one of the biggest […]

Super Trawlers in Tasmanian Waters

Written by Kelsey Longden The dairy industry is growing in Tasmania, and this is only the beginning. Targeting the unemployed youth in Tasmania, DairyTas have announced that they currently have plans for an unemployment register intended to satisfy the constant need for qualified dairy employees across the state. From verbal […]

Unemployed Youth Targeted by DairyTas

Welcome to my updated list of What’s Vegan at Baker’s Delight! This list now contains literally every product that is vegan at Baker’s Delight and best yet they’re palm oil free! Thanks to Bronny from Palm Oil Free Vegan Living for info and support. There are only very few products […]

What’s Vegan at Baker’s Delight

Written by Bridget ConwayIt looks like Tasmanian Devils have yet another threat they must face in order to survive – feral cats. Recent research has prompted the idea that feral cats may be another cause of the decline of the beloved Devils, due to the sheer size, number and veracity […]

Feral Cats Vs. Tasmanian Devils

  The Western Australian shark cull has caused animal lovers and marine scientists all over Australia to come together for an important cause. Last Saturday, on the 1st of February, thousands of Aussies attended protests across the country – many of whom were not even in WA.   The people […]

W.A. Shark Cull

Written by Bridget Conway On Saturday 25th January, a mere twelve days after four white lion cubs were born at the Zoodoo Wildlife Park in Richmond, Tasmania, the cubs were revealed to the public. Not only that, but the cubs have been removed from the full-time care of their mother, […]

Lion cubs at Zoodoo Wildlife Park revealed to the public

Please welcome Vegan Tasmania’s newest sponsor, Webafest! Webafest is a local Tasmanian business based in Devonport, providing all the services you need to start or better manage your website. As a content developer, experienced in SEO and working with multiple web companies in Australia I know just how important to […]

New Sponsor: Webafest, Website Development in Tasmania

Please welcome our newest sponsor Red Veg! Red Veg is an Australian Red Cross “Red Club” Group of Vegans and Vegetarians donating blood to those in need. To join all you need to do is register with the Australian Red Cross “Red Club” group Red Veg by clicking here. Then […]

Red Veg

A Win for Factory Farming? by Kate Edwards As of November 26, state legislation will be introduced to widen the regulation surrounding eggs sold in Tasmania. The legislation will require anyone who sells eggs to be licensed producers and to adhere to processes such as egg stamping and a food […]

New Egg Regulations Promote Cruelty

In an open letter to ZooDoo, Natalie Coleman exposes the awful nature of ZooDoo and the animal viewings at the Royal Hobart Show: Letter to Zoodoo:Just wondering who, exactly is looking after the animals at the Royal Hobart Show? Namely, the Emu’s? Because they deserve the sack. They were having […]

ZooDoo at the Royal Hobart Show

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