Vegan Groups

Interested in joining a community of vegans in Tassie? There are a number of different vegan and animal rights groups in the state you can join. Something missing? Email:


Animal Rights Groups in Tasmania

Animal Liberation Tasmania

Animal Liberation Tasmania is a not-for-profit animal rights organisation founded in 2016. This group has been established to contribute to the Tasmanian animal rights community and work with organisations across Australia to address the issues experienced by all animal species.

We aim to strongly and effectively contribute to this movement of social change through public education, campaign development, events, advertising, and government lobbying. We encourage individuals to choose an ethical, healthy and environmentally minded vegan lifestyle for the betterment of all beings.


Tasmanian Animal Save

TAS is a chapter of the global Save Movement Network, advocating for the rights of non-human animals through peaceful action and bearing witness.


Animals Tasmania

Animals Tasmania is an independent animal advocacy organisation based in Tasmania. Animals Tasmania’s broad aim is to eliminate exploitation, abuse, and suffering of all non-human animals within our state and beyond.

Facilitating change through peaceful action, education and political lobbying on issues affecting all species. Encouraging greater awareness and understanding of the way human choices impact on non-human animals. Animals Tasmania represent and speak for all animals, no exceptions.


Anonymous for the Voiceless Devonport

Anonymous for the Voiceless Hobart

Anonymous for the Voiceless Launceston

Animal rights organisation specialising in street activism.


Animal Justice Party

Promoting and protecting the interests and capabilities of animals by providing a dedicated voice for them in Australia’s political system.


Sea Shepherd Tasmania

Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.


Vegan Groups in Tasmania

Vegetarian Tasmania

This group has been set up to help establish a support network for all vegetarians and vegans in Tasmania, at any stage of their journey. Vegetarian Tasmania aims to promote, in particular, the health and environmental benefits of vegetarianism, not forgetting our non-human friends.


Red Veg

Red Veg is an online resource for Vegan and Vegetarian blood donors across Australia, and those who are thinking about it.


Tasmanian Vegans

(Facebook group)

This is a group for vegans or people who are interested in veganism who live in Tasmania, or who visit Tasmania, designed for networking with like minded people.


Zero Waste Vegans Tasmania

(Facebook group)

A place to share ideas and progress on aiming for a “zero waste” lifestyle, whilst also avoiding animal exploitation, for the sake of the animals AND the environment.

This page is NOT strictly for vegans. Please feel free to join and share in your progress and ideas on reducing waste in any way, with the exception of sharing photos of or talking about products made from the bodies of animals or their by-products.

The ethos of this group is that animals are firstly, not ours to use and secondly, the production of them and their by-products are inherently destructive to the environment and should be avoided at all costs when aiming to live a sustainable lifestyle.


Vegan Parents Tasmania

(Facebook group)

A place for vegan parents (or parents to be) living in Tasmania to chat, ask questions and participate in child-friendly activities and events.


Vegan Fitness and Bodybuilding Tasmania

(Facebook group)

This is a group for Tassie vegans with an interest in health and fitness to discuss and share ideas and help each other achieve their goals. This can include diets, supplements, workout routines, organising group workout sessions, and anything else of the sort . This is a safe place where vegans of any fitness or health status can learn and teach each other and forge friendships. Have fun, support each other, and make some gains.


Vegan Cook & Share

(Facebook group)

A group for Tasmanian vegans who love vegan food and our close community. Respectful positive non-vegan friends are also very welcome! We share recipe ideas, shopping info, awesome products, vegan and vegan friendly food venues and happy snaps of our creations. Ask questions and feel free to invite your friends.


Vegan Cook n Swear Outback Australian Adventures with Russel Coight

(Facebook group)

This is a tru blu group for posting ya vegan cook ups and antics with write ups pertaining to: Casa de blu, David Boon, aquafaba pavs , Russell Coight, echidnas…etc. Just in case you’re a couple of TVP pies short of a grand final and can’t work it out from the name, this group highly encourages lots of Aussie swears and ramblin.


Vegan Running Tasmania

(Facebook group)

This is the place for vegan runners in Tasmania to share information and ideas about running, nutrition, training and motivation. Also to organise and find out about meeting up for group training runs in your area and finding out about upcoming fun runs and events.

All kinds of runners welcome from beginners to well seasoned runners. Non vegan and vegetarian runners who are interested in vegan/plant based diets are welcome and encouraged to get involved.


The Vingo Society

(Facebook group)

Vegan bingo group. Meets every Sunday at the Brisbane Hotel.


Tasmanian Vegans Buy, Sell, Swap & Barter

(Facebook group)

A simple page to buy, sell, swap or barter within Tasmania. No rubbish approach.


Tasmanian Vegan Real Estate

(Facebook group)


Launceston Vegans

(Facebook group)

Sometimes it can feel as though there are no other Vegans around. This group will be to help Vegans of Launceston connect to other Vegans in the area.


Vegan Coffee Club Launceston

(Facebook group)

A group dedicated to sharing information about cafes around Launceston that cater for vegans, plus the occasional meet up at these very places.


Raw Tassie

(Facebook group)

Tasmanian raw foods enthusiasts.


UTAS Vegans

(Facebook group)

Connect with other vegans on campus.