10 Vegan Friendly Restaurants that Deliver in Tasmania 2

Hi guys, I’ve put together this post to show you some of the awesome vegan friendly options for delivery, some are all over the state but if you’re in central hobart and surrounds you’re one lucky vegan!

I’m putting the restaurants in alphabetical order because I don’t want to play favourites, but let me know your favs below or anything I’ve missed.

1. Annapurna
You can order Annapurna Indian Cuisine through Dial-a-Meal with Hobart delivery from $7.50 for lunch or dinner. They deliver to Hobart, Battery Point, Sandy Bay, Mount Nelson, Tolmans Hill, Lenah Valley, New Town, Moonah, Lindisfarne, Eastern Shore, Taroona, Bonnet Hill, Glenorchy, Austins Ferry, Berriedale, Chigwell, Claremont, Kingston and Blackmans Bay.

2. Dumpling World
Also through Dial-a-Meal you can order from Dumpling World between 1pm and 10pm.

3. Home Harvest
Home Harvest delivers soups, salads and mains to be delivered to your home fridge or freezer. They deliver all goods between 3 and 6pm on Thursday. To order send them an email, facebook message or call before 7am Tuesday to have your order for Thursday same week. You can find them on facebook here where you can also find a copy of their menu.

4. Indian Kitchen
Indian Kitchen Hobart and Sorell can be found on MenuLog with a bunch of other awesome vegan-friendly restaurant options. Indian Kitchen Sorell delivers to Forcett, Midway Point and Sorell while Indian Kitchen Hobart delivers to Battery Point, Dynnyrne, Glebe, Hobart, Lenah Valley, Mount Nelson, Mount Stuart, New Town, North Hobart, Queens Domain, Sandy Bay, South Hobart, Tolmans Hill and West Hobart.

5. Kingston Town Cafe & Pizzeria
Kingston Town Cafe & Pizzeria can also be found on MenuLog where you can even order their vegan feast to come delivered to your door in small, large or family sizes with a tiny minimum order value of just $15. They deliver to Allens Rivulet, Baretta, Battery Point, Blackmans Bay, Bonnet Hill, Coningham, Dynnyrne, Electrona, Glebe, Hobart, Howden, Huntingfield, Kaoota, Kettering, Kingston, Kingston Beach, Leslie Vale, Longley, Lower Longley, Lower Snug, Margate, Mount Nelson, Mount Stuart, Neika, North Hobart, Oyster Cove, Queens Domain, Ridgeway, Sandfly, Sandy Bay, Snug, South Hobart, Taroona, Tinderbox, Tolmans Hill and West Hobart.

6. MoMo Bubble Tea & Coffee House Sandy Bay
While this isn’t a regular service MoMo Bubble Tea & Coffee House Sandy Bay do deliver on occasion (for example last year between October and November) they offered delivery between their shop and the University of Tasmania. Check out their facebook page to see when they’ll be delivering next. 

7. Pulp Friction
Pulp Friction – Juice Bar delivers in Hobart. Check out their facebook page to contact them.

8. The Saffron
The Saffron can be found on MenuLog and delivers to Battery Point, Glebe, Hobart, North Hobart, Sandy Bay and South Hobart.

9. Shu Yuan Vegetarian Cafe
Shu Yuan  is also on Menulog with delivery options to Hobart, North Hobart, South Hobart and West Hobart.

10. Soup Stop
You can order Soup Stop through Dial-a-Meal with delivery options from just $7.50. Delivered within 60 minutes from 11am to 3pm Monday to Friday and 5 to 8:30pm Monday to Saturday.

Have I missed anything? Let me know!

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