Monthly archives: October 2013

A Win for Factory Farming? by Kate Edwards As of November 26, state legislation will be introduced to widen the regulation surrounding eggs sold in Tasmania. The legislation will require anyone who sells eggs to be licensed producers and to adhere to processes such as egg stamping and a food […]

New Egg Regulations Promote Cruelty

In an open letter to ZooDoo, Natalie Coleman exposes the awful nature of ZooDoo and the animal viewings at the Royal Hobart Show: Letter to Zoodoo:Just wondering who, exactly is looking after the animals at the Royal Hobart Show? Namely, the Emu’s? Because they deserve the sack. They were having […]

ZooDoo at the Royal Hobart Show

Vegan Tasmania now has an events page ^^ Woohoo! Check out the Events tab up there to see Vegan style events in Tasmania. If you’d like an event added to the calendar simply write to or if you events that need listing more often you can request to be […]

Events and Raw Vegan Picnic

Please welcome Vegan Tasmania’s newest volunteer writer! Governments break promises, it’s an undeniable fact. A fact made even the more hard to accept when it means the continual suffering of thousands. Let me rewind. For a long time, I‘ve been thinking on the weight we put on government action, on […]

Action: An Opinion Piece by Kate Edwards