AnimalFest 2011


At the start of Be Kind to Animals Week, 2011, AnimalFest was held on Parliament Lawns, Hobart, today! It was a great event and not even the weather could bring the festivities down.



There was heaps of great information available and things to buy. At events like these, it’s always a good guilt free environment to buy things! You get some cool stuff and get to know that the money you spent is going somewhere wonderful! We came away with a cool Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania shirt and a super cute little orangutan toy from the Australian Orangutan Project! Plus a whole lot of completely delicious vegan food in our tummies! Vegan pies… vegan satay sticks… vegan nuggets… vegan sausages… vegan hot dogs… vegan chutney… YUM YUM YUM!!!


There were also some gorgeous puppies like this one to adopt thanks to Brightside Farm Sanctuary and the Dogs Homes of Tasmania!



There was a lot of entertainment for the kids as well, story book reading, painting, giant bunnies, pigs and chickens, like the bunny above to dance with. Groovy looking jugglers and the star of the event was a little baby piggy from Brightside Farm Sanctuary! The speakers and musicians were wonderful and inspiring too! It was a great day and one I hope you didn’t miss! I’d like to give a big thank you and congratulations to all of the event organisers, speakers, musicians, animals, wonderful cooks, my beautiful photographer for the day and all the supporters that turned up!


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