Tasmania Bans Sow Stalls and Battery Hens!

It was 2010 when I sat down at my desk, like many others in Tasmania and started writing many hand-written letters and emails pleading for a ban on sow stalls in the state. When I got a reply email stating that the campaign had worked and Tasmania and Coles would be phasing out the use of sow stalls by 2017 I was ecstatic!

Yesterday it was announced that sow stalls will be banned by the middle of next year! The government will also not allow any more battery hen operations and will limit those already in existence. Over 2 years a state budget of $2.5 million was provided to speed up the process. The budget papers state that the money is for farmers to “respond to market trends that indicate consumers are increasingly sensitive to animal welfare.”

Tasmanian Greens Leader, Nick McKim said: “The Greens took into the budget negotiations a proposal to announce Tasmania’s intention to become battery hen-free and provide a transition package. There will be an immediate ban on any new battery farms or cages and a cap on the current hen stock introduced while the transition plan is finalised.”

In summery people power, letter writing campaigns, protests and veganism work!

Thank you to all the beautiful people that made this a reality.

If you would like to send a thank you message send to:
The Hon Bryan Green
Minister for Primary Industries
Parliament House
Hobart Tasmania 7000
E-mail: bryan.green@parliament.tas.gov.au
Phone: (03) 6434 6252


Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim, Emma Haswell of Brightside Farm Sanctuary and former battery hen and now resident of Brightside in Tasmania, celebrate the historic win!

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