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Meet Keeley, AKA Cookie, my little sister and fellow animal lover. At Cookie’s school they have been learning about farm animals and on a very exciting journey, the class was taken to the much loved Brightside Farm Sanctuary. A refuge for animals. Of course I took this opportunity to interview Cookie and get some exposure for our friends over at Brightside.

Here’s what Cookie had to say about the adventure:




What animals did you see at Brightside?

Cows, bulls, cute cats, there were two little cute ones, lots of nice dogs that I got to pat. Sheep, goats, chickens, rats… ummm… geese, donkey’s, ponies, horses. Did I say pigs? And that’s it.

What did you learn about the animals?

She said, what do pigs do? Someone said rolling in the mud. I put my hand up but she already said the fact I was going to. She said, “Pigs roll in the mud because they don’t sweat and they have to cool down.”

What did you do at Brightside Farm Sanctuary?

One of the sheep was running up to me and it made me have to run cause it was following me and I held one of the bulls horns. I played chasings with the pigs. With the lead I got to hold a pig. I got to feed a baby sheep. I tickled one of the pigs tummies and it fell over.

Did It?

Mmmm… they liked it. The cat came up to me and was purring on my cheek. I got to play with the horses and ponies and got to hug one of the big cows. And I got to hold one of the mice and I think that’s it.

What did you do with your friends?

I played chasings with my friends and with a pig. Me and my friends we all got to hug the cow at the same time and I got a picture with me and my friends holding the bulls horns. And we played a game with the horses.

Did you have fun?


What did you enjoy the most about your visit to Brightside Farm Sanctuary?


You can’t think of one thing?

No. *shakes head*

This is a picture Cookie has drawn of herself and a friend having fun at Brightside.

This is a picture Cookie has drawn of her day at Brightside Farm Sanctuary.


Please visit Brightside Farm Sanctuary, check out the animals up for adoption and please make a donation.

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2 thoughts on “On the Brightside: Interview with a 6 Year Old

  • emma haswell

    This is awesome 🙂 thank you for sending me a link The gorgeous steer Cookie is talking about is named Solomon. We saved him from becoming veal when he was about 5 days old. He had been sold to the butcher and we convinced the butcher to let us buy him and take him home to Brightside !! Emma

  • Anonymous

    …wish I could afford to buy all the animals in the world and keep them safe and happy until all die…then, 'humans' would have to became vegan forever and ever if they wanted to survive in this planet