A Devil of an Emergency

As everyone is aware Tasmanian Devils are under enormous threat of extinction right now. But did you realise that there is only ONE group of healthy devils left? This larger than expected group of devils live in the Tarkine Wilderness, a habitat that the mining company, Venture Minerals want to destroy. Scientists say that the proposed roads and traffic made by strip mining would likely increase the spread of the Devil Facial Tumour Disease. Leading Wildlife Expert and Chief Scientist for the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program, Hamish McCallum states that “There is sufficient evidence to suggest that it may threaten the survival of populations of Tasmanian Devils in the area.”

The Tasmanian Devils need the ancient Tarkine wilderness to be put on Emergency Heritage Listing, a call that Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke has so far resisted. Please take a minute to urge your local MP to help the Tarkine get listed and save the last healthy population of Tasmanian Devils by writing a quick automated email from Get Up! Click here.

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