Otis Beanery: Vegan Giveaway! 11

Vegan Ricotta on CrackersThanks to my awesome new sponsor, Otis Beanery, I am super excited to announce Vegan Tasmania’s first ever giveaway! Otis Beanery provides all-vegan cooking workshops in Tasmania, Australia and they are giving one of my lucky readers a full voucher for a class! And I’m making it super easy for you to enter! All you have to do to win is comment on this post. Don’t worry, your comment doesn’t need to be anything special, the draw is random! If you want another entry subscribe to the Vegan Tasmania newsletter and comment again to tell me about it. Want another chance? Follow Vegan Tasmania on Facebook and tell me about it again in the comment section. How about another chance! If you follow me on Twitter comment again! There you have it, 4 chances to win if you follow along and tell me about it.

Please, please don’t forget we need a way to contact you if you’re the winner! So either have your email attached to your name in the comment form, leave your email as the way to contact you in your comment or if you have a public Facebook or Twitter account let us contact you that way. Whatever way you choose, make sure I know about it in your first comment!!! If you’re commenting anonymously please leave your name in the comment too.

The winner will be announced before April 6th! So be quick and enter now!

Get following and get commenting guys! You’ll be learning how to make Tempeh or even Vegan Cheeses in no time! Wow!


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