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Happy World Vegan Day everyone! To celebrate I would love to know your personal vegan story, what caused that moment when you knew the world would never be the same? When you realised you had to do something and change for the better? Please comment on this post, I want […]

Happy World Vegan Day!

Chinese investors will be buying up big in prominent Tasmanian “dairy land” for a $180 million expansion of a Woolnorth property in North-West Tas. While there are concerns about foreign investors taking up Australian opportunities the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers president, Jan Davis said “ Foreign investment is seen by […]

Expansion Exposed at Tas Dairy

Yesterday it was announced that new laws have been set to ban the Super Trawler fishing in Australian waters for 2 years while an investigation into its real environmental impacts takes place after concerns that their science was out-dated. “If we get this wrong, there’s risks to environment and fishers […]

Victory! Super Trawler Banned

It’s official, Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke has given the go ahead for Super Trawler, FV Margiris to fish in Australian waters. To add insult to injury the Trawler is being renamed the Abel Tasman. Burke announced that the ship will be allowed to trawl for its quota so long […]

New Support and Name for Super Trawler

The Tasmanian Police have stalled progress on a campaign by fish farm workers, wanting to carry OC spray on the job to deter “protected” Australian fur seals. In 2010 Environment, Parks and Heritage Minister, David O’Byrne approved the use of capsicum spray against seals. The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, […]

Tasmanian Police Against Seal Spraying

Time is running out to stop the super trawler, FV Margiris. The decision about the super trawler will be made in a matter of days. The super trawler is twice the size of any vessel that has ever fished in Australian waters. This trawler will be fishing for small pelagic […]

Stop the Super Trawler

This is probably my favourite recipe in the world. It’s really easy, you make the curry like you would soup so it’s great for serving to a big family or when you’re wanting a LOT of left overs. You can make it as spicy and as sweet as you like. […]

Vegan Thai Peanut Curry

As everyone is aware Tasmanian Devils are under enormous threat of extinction right now. But did you realise that there is only ONE group of healthy devils left? This larger than expected group of devils live in the Tarkine Wilderness, a habitat that the mining company, Venture Minerals want to […]

A Devil of an Emergency

An estimated 500,000 animals are killed each year in Tasmania according to the new Tasmanian Wildlife Matters kit, which is being posted to every primary and secondary school in the state. The estimated number of half a million gives Tasmania the worst statistics in Australia, though at just an estimate […]

Tasmania: The Road Kill State

From 1st of July, 2012, new animal laws in Tasmania come in to play. From then on you have to be registered for your cat to have kittens otherwise you could be fined and even lose your cat. All cats sold or given away must be microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, wormed […]

Tasmania Tightens Cat Laws