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Makes: 12 slices 2 sheets of short crust pastry (thawed)Custard Filling:⅓ cup sugarpinch of salt2 tbsp. cornflour (cornstarch)1 ½ cups soy milk1 tbsp. vegan margarine2 tsp. vanilla essenceIced Top:200g icing sugar1 tsp. vanilla essencewater½ cup vegan choc chips Preheat oven to 200°C. Grease two baking trays with vegan margarine. Cut […]

Vegan Vanilla Custard Slice

This delicious pie is made with TVP, real gravy, mushrooms and peas. It’s the closest thing to a meat pie I’ve had since being Veg, only it’s healthier and really really yummy! This creation came about after making a Seiten and Gravy Pie (think Vegan Steak Pie) and my beautiful […]

Vegan “Meat” TVP & Gravy Pie (Friendship Pie)

Disclosure: Please double check your vegan options while at Dome to make sure what you order is vegan. So far we have had some contention over the products listed here. This list was provided by a manager at Dome. Please check before purchase. Breakfast Vegetarian Breakfast (without eggs) Muesli with […]

Vegan at Dome Coffees

Here’s a list of all the wonderful Vegan goodies Boost Juice has to offer: Berry Crush Lemon Crush Mango Tango Crush Tropical Crush Watermelon Crush Wheatgrass Shooter Energiser Juice Immunity Juice Two & Five Juice Wild Berry Juice Pocket Rocket ACE Stress Buster BCA Omega Strawberry Ginger Reviver Boost Juice […]

What’s Vegan at Boost Juice?

Last night, 22nd May 2012, I saw a segment on Channel Ten’s, The Project, where they discussed Ruby Roth’s “controversial” new children’s book, Vegan is Love and the raising of vegan children. They went on to interview dietician, Susie Burrell who provided an extremely biased review and made out that […]

Ten’s The Project Interviews Biased Dietician about Raising Vegan Children

Sorbet: Lemon Lime Sorbet Green Apple Sorbet Berrylicious Sorbet Club Tropicana Sorbet Watermelon Sorbet Smoothies: Green Apple Smoothie Citrus Sensation Smoothie Lemon Lime Smoothie Slushies: Cola Slushies Raspberry Slushies Blue Lemonade Slushies Pine Lime Slushies Other: Neutral Icy Crush You can find a Wendy’s in Tassie at: Glenorchy – Northgate […]

What’s Vegan at Wendy’s?

It was 2010 when I sat down at my desk, like many others in Tasmania and started writing many hand-written letters and emails pleading for a ban on sow stalls in the state. When I got a reply email stating that the campaign had worked and Tasmania and Coles would […]

Tasmania Bans Sow Stalls and Battery Hens!

Salads: Asian Style Salad Italian Style Salad Muffin Break Salad Soups: Vegetable & Lentil Soup Coffees: Espresso Long Black Teas: Black Tea Green Tea Herbal Tea Herbal Tea with Lemon Froot Blasts: Blueberry Banana Lemonade Mango Tropics Strawberry You can find Muffin Break in Tassie at: Cat & Fiddle Arcade, […]

What’s Vegan at Muffin Break?

Hot Vegan Drinks at Gloria Jeans Cappuccino (soy) Cafe Latte (soy) Flat White (soy) Long Black Short Black Macchiato (soy) Piccolo Latte (soy) Long White (soy) Caramelatte (soy) Hot Tea Babycino (soy) Caramel Minicino (soy) Vanilla Minicino (soy) Strawberry Minicino (soy)   Cold Vegan Drinks at Gloria Jeans Banana Fruzie […]

List of Vegan Drinks at Gloria Jeans Coffee’s

These pies are great for guests as you can all have your own pie each! They’re very moist so don’t need the added vegan ice-cream, it does add an extra special something to the mix though! I use whatever apples are on hand and So Good Vanilla ice-cream. You can […]

Little Vegan Apple Pies

Vegan Tasmania has joined Pinterest! If you’re a user I’d love to follow just leave a comment! And of course please feel free to follow me back If you haven’t set yourself up an account over there yet and would like to leave a comment asking for an invite. […]

Why You Should Follow Me on Pinterest!

I haven’t shared anything for a while now so I will be generous and treat you to one of my favourite recipe’s ever, my Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies! I know, they’ve been done a million times before, I’m sure you’ve all made a version of these yourselves a […]

Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies